Photography with Grace – Kites

This photograph is perfect for defining what Kites of the City is all about. This is an award winner no doubt.

Caught on STOMP When We Were Kiting


Someone has complained about us flying kites in the city… Yes, I can’t believe it either, can you? No, you don’t believe me so you should go check out the article at STOMP from this link, S’pore Poly students adorn Marina Bay sky with funky kites ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Seeing The Kites Again | Wu Guanzhong, Singapore Art Museum


Seeing the Kites Again, Wu Guanzhong 又见风筝:吴冠中捐赠作品展 Runs through 14 December 2010 Singapore Art Museum In 2008, Chinese artist Wu Guanzhong donated 113 of his important works to the National Heritage Board, Singapore. This is the highest-value donation ever given to a public museum institution in Singapore. An internationally eminent artist, Wu is best known … Continue reading

Uttarayan — International Kite Festival in Gujarat

Firkins (kite-string spools) of manja, a special string coated with a mixture of glue and glass and sharp enough to slice your fingers for cutting strings of rival kites.

Recently I was in the city of Ahmedabad in the western state of Gujarat, India and visited a small kite museum there. Kites mark change of seasons and play an important social function in India. The festival of Uttarayan is a uniquely Gujarati phenomenon, when the skies over most cities of the state fill with … Continue reading

One on One with Patrick aka Layangman


One on One with Patrick aka Layangman by Alvin Ong Who is Patrick aka Layangman? ‘At Layangman’s Kiteshop, we aim to provide kiters the best in quality, value and services. Layangman is owned by Patrick Tan, an avid kite flier since 1992. With his vast experience in stunt kites as well as single liners, this … Continue reading

Kites of Kabul


As anyone who has read the best-selling novel The Kite Runner knows, springtime in Kabul is heralded by flocks of dipping, looping and diving kites. But these aren’t the kites of lazy weekend picnics. They are finely tuned flying machines sensitive to the slightest tug of a master’s hand. The Afghan penchant for competition and … Continue reading



There’s an old saying in China – “those who fly a kite can have a long life”. It means that kite flying on a regular basis can lead to longevity. Meanwhile, the making of a gorgeous and novel kite is a creating process. When you look at your kite flying in the vast clear sky, … Continue reading