Torafu Architects: Air Vase

‘air vase’ by tokyo-based torafu architects is a paper bowl that envelops air. you can freely change its shape by molding it into the form of a small bowl or vase according to one’s intended ‘usage’. the thin and lightweight paper from which it is made, gives strength and resistance to the bowl. colors on … Continue reading

The Living! Project | ilight Marina Bay

The Living Project by Kenny Eng, Allan Lim & Sun Yu Li (Singapore) It is part of Asia’s first Sustainable Light Art Festival that illuminates Marina Bay 15 Oct – 7 Nov 2010 This light art sculpture created by renowned Singapore artist Sun Yu Li aims to invoke a sense of beauty and urban sustainability … Continue reading

Flying kiwi

The meticulous effort of a kiwi to realise his dreams of flying.

Maison Hermès window display | Tokujin Yoshioka

‘on designing a window-display of Maison Hermès, I intended to express people’s daily ‘movements’ with a suspicion of humor. there are moments when I perceive a hidden presence of a person in the movements born naturally in daily life. I created a design where one can perceive someone behind the scarves as if life were … Continue reading

Propagation with wind

To some, the existence of wind is nothing discernible, is always around but always taken for granted. But to some, wind plays some of the key roles in reproduction. There are some plants that reproduce by the dispersal of seeds through wind, which will be shown categorized under terms like, Gliders, Parachutes, Helicopters and Flutterer/ … Continue reading

“Snow” Installation | Tokujin Yoshioka

Tokujin Yoshioka continues to create spatial designs made from artificial materials, giving the viewer the sensation of experiencing light, snow, storms and other phenomena in a huge space of 15m in width, fine feathers are blown up by wind and shower down as if real snow does. The scene of hundres of kilograms of light … Continue reading

Visualizing Soundscapes

This music box designed by ÉCAL University of Art and Design Lausanne graduate José Ferrufino uses the movement of the musical mechanism to cause sticks of barley to gently sway. A beautiful visualisation of a melodic soundscape. The box has a brass mechanism, peach tree wood resonance case and real barley painted gold and attached to … Continue reading

Design as Art by Bruno Munari

“The name ‘useless machine’ lends itself to many interpretations. I intended these objects to be thought of as machines because they were made of a number of movable parts fixed together. Indeed, the famous lever, which is only a bar of wood or iron or other material, is nevertheless a machine, even if a rudimentary … Continue reading

Designing the Intangible

Designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen built this 365 clock that tells time by knitting a scarf very slowly. In this case, it knits one round of the scarf every 24 hours, creating a new clothing item for you every year. reported by Wendy


Also known as “竹蜻蜓” in chinese & “take-tombo” in japanese is an age-old Chinese toy. By turning the vertical bamboo stick with both hands, the bamboo dragon fly will rotate and fly into the sky, with the horizontal piece serving as something like a propeller. It won’t fall until the elevating force diminishes. Sections of … Continue reading

Kinetic Sculptures | Theo Jansen

Artist Theo Jansen demonstrates the amazingly life like kinetic sculptures he builds from plastic tubes and lemonade bottles. His creatures are designed to move — and even survive — on their own. Reported by Jane

“Air Zoo” by Joshua Allen Haris

Joshua Allen Harris is a street artist from New York and one of his new projects is called “Air zoo”. He created animals made out of trash bags tied up to subway grates so that when the train rushes by underneath, these animals come to life. They are much more then just street art, but … Continue reading

Origami Hang Gliders

Levitating Origami Hang Glider you can manually propel by creating a wave of air with your hands. Reported by Jing Yin

Issey Miyake X Dyson

The Wind, Garments inspired by a variety of wind forms, the ISSEY MIYAKE team dismantled the vacuum cleaner developed by Dyson and analyzed its construction in the search for fresh perspectives on shaping new garments that expand the realm of possibilities for wind and clothing to co-exist. reported by Jane

Animation by Masahiko Sato & Euphrates | Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake A-POC Inside The work was made for Issey Miyake’s website. Animated dots and lines draw various movement of model cat walk, which appears as if actual body of a model is moving from such simple elements like dots and lines. reported by Wendy