Design Facility

Who Are We?

We are an experimental facility created to build on the design capability of innovation-led work in Singapore Polytechnic.

Fronted by a collective of students and alumni working together to do research, experiment with design methods and create a collection of objects and product experiences for exhibition, competition and/or commercialization, the Design Facility acts as an extension of the Department of Experience and Product Design (DXPD) course, incubating talents to help them realize potential projects from the course program.

Driving Philosophy of the Design Facility

Design is a constant evolution of thoughts, ideas and philosophies. It is about asking questions, redefining theorems and experimenting with methodologies. We believe in inspiring people through storytelling in design. At the heart of each object lies the message that we sculpt. Because every object in our lives has a story to tell and these stories reflect the human condition.


The year commences with the Launch of Kites of the City, a Vertical Studio that will form the test bed for our design pedagogies, culminating in a kite-flying session at the Marina Bay Sands. Extending from this workshop, our Research Facility will also be working on an object to be exhibited in Milan Satellite.

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    Video of Design Facility in Milan, Italy:

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