Milan SaloneSatellite

The annual Milan show runs for a week in April and to date, remains the biggest design fair in the world. The fair attracts producers, retailers, gallery owners and many architects and designers to Milan to view some of the most exciting and forward-looking exhibitions. Among this buzz of activities lies the Salone Satellite which is the young designers’ area in the Milan fairgrounds. For years, the Salone Satellite has established itself as the place to make your presence in the global design scene, having uncovered well-known designers like Jean Marie-Massaud, Shin and Tomoko Azumi, Marina Bautier and Patrick Chia among others. The aim for Design Facility to exhibit in Milan is the same — to make our presence felt on the international arena. But more importantly, for everyone involved, it will be a great learning experience for us to question what is design, and what is our role as a designer?

The Brief

The theme for this year’s exhibition is ‘ Air ‘.

The substance that surrounds us, that which we cannot survive without. Yet, we hardly consider its existence. What are the sensations of air? How can we design the objects that move with air? How is air a vehicle of emotion? We have proposed these questions on air and we hope you have some answers.

  1. Useless Machines / Consider childhood toys like the bamboo-copter and the paper planes, or the mobiles made by Alexander Calder or Bruno Munari and do not forget the angsana and shorea seeds that spin through the air for propagation. These ‘ air machines ‘ are hardly useless but instead bring much joy to our mundane lives.
  2. Impressions /  Moving air, or wind carries with it great energy and power. Over undulating sand dunes, we see the path of where the wind has passed. Design this presence of air.
  3. Memories / When we talk about wind, our memories of it are mostly felt. So it becomes interesting when we consider wind visually or through sound or smell. Recreate these moments.
  4. Illusions / A fluttering cloth or a bending lalang plant are all memories of wind. What happens if we remove the ‘wind’ in this equation? Consider the perceived impression of wind.
  5. Flying / Since age old, man has an unexplainable desire to fly. From aircrafts to hand-gliders, to a kiwi and his creative exploits for his last flight or an explosion of confetti where the trajectories are never the same, consider the notion of flying.
  6. Falling / A moment of frailty and fragility. The act of falling is an evidence of gravity, the force that which pulls our feet to the ground. Objects fall, sky divers fall and snow falls, define falling or defy falling.
  7. Suspension / A moment of time stand still. A weightless atmosphere of air. A seemingly illogical scene. The weight of air supports the weightlessness of the suspended object.
  8. Emotive Landscapes / Air (or wind) transforms the environment around us, changing the atmosphere in the space and create emotive landscapes with the objects that interact with it. Consider air as a medium of emotions.

Submission Format

One A3 panel for each concept.

Please print and mount the panel, and place it in Design Facility by the deadline given.

Submission Deadline

1st October 2010


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