Bertrand, the air whale

Bertrand, an air whale made of garbage bags, by Matt Jones. “The idea was for him to be a solar hot air balloon, the air inside heating up and lifting him.” Here is a video on how to make a simple one. Reported by Xiuwen Advertisements

Propagation with wind

To some, the existence of wind is nothing discernible, is always around but always taken for granted. But to some, wind plays some of the key roles in reproduction. There are some plants that reproduce by the dispersal of seeds through wind, which will be shown categorized under terms like, Gliders, Parachutes, Helicopters and Flutterer/ … Continue reading

Design as Art by Bruno Munari

“The name ‘useless machine’ lends itself to many interpretations. I intended these objects to be thought of as machines because they were made of a number of movable parts fixed together. Indeed, the famous lever, which is only a bar of wood or iron or other material, is nevertheless a machine, even if a rudimentary … Continue reading


Also known as “竹蜻蜓” in chinese & “take-tombo” in japanese is an age-old Chinese toy. By turning the vertical bamboo stick with both hands, the bamboo dragon fly will rotate and fly into the sky, with the horizontal piece serving as something like a propeller. It won’t fall until the elevating force diminishes. Sections of … Continue reading

Origami Hang Gliders

Levitating Origami Hang Glider you can manually propel by creating a wave of air with your hands. Reported by Jing Yin