Haptic Design Interface


[Greek origin: haptikos, haptesthai ]

adj. -comfortable to touch or to be touched, high quality of tactile impression.

HAPTIC INTERFACE DESIGN is a new design method advocated and developed by Japanese architect and designer Masayo Ave, who is also the founder of Haptic Interface Design institute in Berlin. It is based on a sensorial research on the tactile value of materials, products as well as the living ambience and ultimately aiming to develop design projects of high tactile quality.

HAPTIC INTERFACE DESIGN workshop, Singapore 2010, the first design workshop on the theme of HAPTIC in Singapore, is directed by Masayo Ave and the program of the 5 days workshop is carefully planned to let the participants experience the basic research and developing method of Haptic Interface Design. The participants refine own tactile senses by practicing the sensorial field research and analysis, and define the variety of hapticness by inventing new verbal terms to express the emotion to touch or to be touched. The practice will be concluded bythe creation of ‘Haptic dictionary’. It will be presented with the touchable sample panels in the mini-exhibition in the end of the workshop to share the participants’ haptic experiences widely with the public visitors.


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  1. marudashi21 says:

    So beautiful :3

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